The purpose of CUARTO COLORADO is to make visible, disseminate and empower unpublished and vulnerable artists.

Cuarto Colorado was born in 2011 in Buenos Aires Argentina by the designer Marianela Balbi. It is a triple impact project where Art, Fashion and Design are merged in clothing and accessories for the rain under the proposal of changing the color of gray days.

Cuarto Colorado “It is an attitude towards life”, a call to action and an invitation to resilience. We propose that adversity is like a storm, a bridge to grow. We work to make Art accessible to all of society. We socialize Art so that it transcends the walls of a house, an art gallery or a Museum through each of its designs, thus taking an art gallery to the streets. We believe in collaborative work, in generating cultural identity and in the values of sustainability.


This is
Our Badge!

  • Social Impact

  • Authenticity

  • Exclusiveness