Margarita Cornejo uses a style that characterizes her collections.

The use of geometric resources, architectural and industrial such as aviation and machinery considered mostly as male interests but viewed with a feminine look, they show Margarita's assiduous interest in showing us a different woman in a world constantly changing that can become imposing and at the same time delicate all what is usually not considered feminine.

Margarita was born on December 28, 1993, in San Salvador El Salvador. Started her university studies in 2012 at the Dr. José Matías Delgado University of El Salvador in the degree of Craft Product Design, simultaneously studying a Fashion Design diploma at the School of Communications Mónica Herrera, this opened doors to participation in local catwalks.

In 2014 Margarita created her first prototype a bag made with fiberglass and is with that remarkable product the initiative to create her brand under her same name "Margarita Cornejo". and led to her remarkable participation in the academic event organized by the EDD (School of Design of the UJMD), "Catwalk 2016".

The constant search for training and opportunities led her to be part of a program launched by the National Government of "Women and Business" in 2016 In addition to participation in other training courses such as: "Juventud Emprende" (2015), "Joven Emprendedor" (2016) and participations in "Nicaragua Diseña" (2017).

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