Paris Rodríguez has a vital career in the fashion industry in which she has dedicated special effort to enriching the world of women's clothing.

Born in the coffee region, this Colombian businesswoman has received various awards from the International and local textile industry.

Her great rise occurred in 2008, the year in which she applied the experience acquired at the beginning of her career working in Miami, New York, Dubai, Bogotá, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Ms. Rodríguez then determined that she has the knowledge and confidence necessary to establish her own brands: Bilbao, Mar de Dios and recently, Paris Rodríguez. These fashion brands specialize in several divisions: activewear, sportswear, and haute coutour, in which she is committed to satisfying the lifestyle needs of the modern woman with her own personality, taste, and look.

These brands have led her to forge a path of recognition and expansion of markets at an international level. The important results of her work, marked by true commitment and quality, have permitted her design proposal to have presence in countries such as Dubai, Mexico, USA, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

Her garments have been used in editorial articles in fashion publications around the world such as Harper’s BAZAAR, Elle, Maxim, L’officiel, Cosmopolitan, Hola, among others.

Paris Rodríguez feels deep respect and gratitude toward women. This feeling is manifested in 2019 with the creation of the Mar de Dios Foundation whose main mission is to provide tools to strengthen the spirit of women through training and educational programs.

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