Isidora Malva is a luxury handbags and accessories Colombian label. Conceived for sophisticated, active and discrete women, daily use pieces with a nocturnal vocation. Inspired by the traditional leather techniques, the architecture from the 20’s and details from the art-deco.

Isidora Malva leather goods speak about a timeless sophistication that mixes elegance and freshness, the contrast of materials and the use of handcrafted details to create luxury pieces.

Founded by Mónica Millán in June of 2015, after studying accessories design and working with a luxury label in Italy, she decided to return and start her own accessories brand inspired by her great grandmother Isidora. Driven by sustainable luxury all our leather goods are conceived to last from generation to generation and become part of the owner's heritage. The brand aims for preserving the artisanal traditions of leather production, to conceive quality in contemporary pieces, fair trade and the optimization of resources.

For our products we use leathers from certified tanneries that make the best use of resources, wastes and the correct use of waters in the tanning process. We use cow skins and leather linings remnants from the food industry, we do not use exotic skins. Our production is locally made at our workshop in Bogotá, all our pieces are handmade, the cutting process is by hand, some pieces are sewed by hand, others by machine and the optimization of the material.

We want our clients to understand the value of a well crafted piece, to consume consciously by understanding the whole process and story behind each of our pieces.

This is
Our Badge!

  • Sophisticated

  • Handcrafted

  • Sustainability