Minttu means Mint. Astrid Carolina, our designer, wanted to use this word as a name for her design project with the intention of expressing freshness, innovation, art and slow, conscious fashion destined to be lasting beyond trends.

We are a brand of bags that proposes a concept and lifestyle that combines design, art, fashion, and craftsmanship in each piece, under a model that is more aware of both design and manufacturing, to create pieces with a high creative content. and artistic.

We construct each piece using various techniques: freehand drawing, acrylic art painting, and hand beadwork embroidery. Each piece is meticulously crafted taking care of every detail; It is a job carried out with a lot of passion, dedication, effort and commitment to obtain unique and differentiated pieces, with artistic and artisanal value.

The design and creation process of each piece has a slow, smooth and calm rhythm; each stroke, each brushstroke, each stitch wants to tell a story through art and details. Each of our bags has a printed, painted and embroidered design by hand during long hours of work, bringing together art and craftsmanship in durable bags inspired by Latin American nature, the cosmos and femininity.

Our brand has participated in important events such as the FDLA NYFW SS2021, an event in which we had the opportunity to present our collection together with designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Rosita Hurtado, Toribio y Donato, Giannina Azar, Benito Fernández and other Latin American designers. Our FDLA NYFW SS 2021 virtual catwalk is included in the official NY Fashion Week calendar.

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