INDIRA & ISIDRO are a brand of Mexican handmade jewelry.

Indira Guadalupe López originally from Baja California Sur and Isidro Sánchez Icaza originally from Mexico City, they met in 2002 in Los Cabos B.C.S., Isidro with 34 years of experience in the world of jewelry, starts working in Cancun, Quintana Roo in 1985, at the México Lindo jewelry store, learning different techniques such as cardboard, fretwork, filigree, hammer-mounted stones, lost-wax technique, among others, under the tutelage of Masters Míguel Canto, Felipe Dominguez, Plácido Hernández and Manuel Sanchez.

Indira, a law graduate, decides to leave her career to raise a family next to Isidro, venturing into the world of jewelry in 2010, with her brand INDIRA GEMS, inspired by the pre-Hispanic culture of B.C.S., sculpting faces , in stones such as jade and turquoise, inlaid with diamonds and bright colors, Isidro, for his part, continues to work on his ISIDRO SÁNCHEZ brand, and his surrealist style, telling stories in each of his pieces and both traveling to gem shows in the United States. in Tucson Arizona and Las Vegas, to stay up to date. The Indira Gems jewelery collection is a company jewel.

In 2017 they decide to merge and form the INDIRA & ISIDRO brand with a collection of idiosyncratic pieces using natural elements such as bones, shells, deer antlers and leather, as well as precious stones of all colors and metals such as bronze, copper, brass, gold. and silver. we currently have a jewelry store that bears our name Indira & Isidro Jewelry Designers in San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur in Mexico, where we have more than 1000 pieces on display, as well as a jewelry workshop with 2 masters and 2 apprentices, where We are currently working on two collections: “Mexico is Silver and we give it a 24K touch”, and “Mexico is Silver and we wear it on our skin”.

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