Rochi Kahn Peruvian psychologist and designer, founder and creative director of the brand that bears her name. She was always related to design, sewing and grew up seeing the art of creating.

Over time, he linked psychology with emotional design and art in fashion, considering that it is a form of expression for the human being, for those who create and for those who choose what they wear.

The designer presents an innovative proposal working with unique natural resources from the different regions of Peru. She is inspired by her travels and experience in contact with nature itself and closeness to the artisan communities.

fascination for the intermingling of materials, colors, with a story to tell are for generators of optimistic emotions. Manages the limited edition concept, on demand, with the purpose of a conscious production.

I use modern patterns, unexpected materials and elaborate techniques, as well as processing details, transforming the basic and monotonous into unique pieces, as unique as each woman that celebrates her character and individuality.

Rochi Kahn invites us to learn about the processes of each of the pieces that she develops, in tune with people, with our planet and in prosperity, always telling a story, from the origin to your hands.

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  • Emotional Design

  • Innovation

  • Conscious Production

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