"Balance between tradition and avant-garde fashion".

Starting from the cut pieces, Dayana explores geometric shapes creating versatile and light collections, then explores the lost wax technique, with which she manages to give undulating, solid, fresh and attractive volumes and shapes with which she achieves a total representation. her interpretation of Colombian biodiversity. Hand in hand with her artisans, Dayana works to grow at a business level and offer employment to more women, improving their quality of life and recognizing her trade as a valuable profession for the jewelry industry in our country.

We highly value our environment and we transform these minerals to create unique jewellery, with these we hope that each woman who wears them feels unique, beautiful and empowered and looks like part of our dream anywhere in the world, a jewel at the forefront of fashion impregnated of Colombian history and culture.

This is
Our Badge!

  • Balance

  • Sustainability

  • Tradition/Avant-garde