MATERGEA is a Colombian slow fashion brand that works closely with local artisans.

Their products are manufactured with vegan sustainable alternatives to leather made from cactus and fabrics made from hemp, recycled cotton and PET bottles. They also use fabrics that are environmentally friendly made from textile waste as raw materials, preventing them from going to landfills or incineration, giving these materials a longer lifetime.

Nature is the brand ́s inspiration and guiding principle for their designs. They create their products based on three pillars: respect to Mother Earth, sustainable fashion and craftsmanship added value.

Daniela Cote launched MATERGEA as a response to all the gaps and problems related to the environmental impact behind the fashion industry. Her brand praises Mother Earth and works for better and more sustainable processes behind this industry.

Daniela studied Journalism and Social Communication at University of La Sabana in Colombia, she also completed an MBA in Luxury Brand Management at IFA in Paris.

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  • Slow Fashion

  • Vegan Leather

  • Sustainability

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